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Off Air

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Most of the time, artists struggle to have a comfortable life, as their creations get appropriated by the show business without due respect.

To begin with: we curate with diversity and sustainability in mind.

From choosing who we invite, to where to upload our mixes, to even using artificial intelligence to identify the songs we stream live on the radio in real-time, we make sure we do everything we can to support our network of musicians, by paying the artists we love, for you to listen to music they make (both via SIAE and Mixcloud Select).

Also, Purizu has its own overhead of operational costs that no-one is helping to maintain: from our coffee, to our apps, website, streaming servers, DRM artificial intelligence reporting integrations, public relations, radio producing, graphic design, copywrite, social media management, accounting, company costs, licenses, etc. It's all done in-house, out of pocket and grassroots. So, if you want to help both the artists you love, as well as us:

Buy us a coffee a month (from 2.99/m) 🥰